Resources to help understand your 3D Printing experience, geared for school, university, and more.

Research resources

Here are reports and academic articles that get into the consumer and societal issues around 3D printing. The first set links to two white papers we wrote on 3D printing that you can download. Second, are a few articles freely available that we think are pretty great. Third, are academic pieces written by us using more academic language. Fourth, are a set of academic articles we found interesting, written by scholars who were not involved with our project, but you might find them interesting too. White Papers


Other Academic Articles

  • Daly, A. (2016) Socio-Legal Aspects of the 3D Printing Revolution. Pivot PalgraveMacmillan. []
  • Good, T. (2013) Three Makerspace models that work. American Libraries 44(1), 45-47.
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  • Maxigas (2012) “Hacklabs and hackerspaces – tracing two genealogies” Journal of Peer  Production 2.
  • Moilanen, J. and Vadén, T. (2013) 3D printing community and emerging practices of  peer production. First Monday18(8).
  • Moilanen, J. and Vadén, T. (2013) “Results from 3D printing survey 2013.”  Peerproduction.Net
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  • Söderberg, Johan (2014) “Reproducing Wealth Without Money, One 3D printer at a Time” Journal of Peer Production 4 [].
  • Tocchetti, Sara (2012) “DIYbiologists as ‘makers’ of Personal Biologies: How MAKE Magazine and Maker Faires Contribute in Constituting Biology as a Personal Technology” Journal of Peer Production 2 []

Media resources

If you want to find tech websites with up to date news from the 3D printing industry or websites to help you purchase a 3D printer, you’ll find the right resource for your needs below. We cover 3D printing in the popular media, including tech sites and social media, as well as other sources about the social economic, and political aspects of 3D printing through longer form journalism. Although we don’t update these links frequently, the tags we’ve coded into them will bring you new stories as they’re written.

3D Printing in the Media

Tech News Websites

Below, we’ve got direct links to the dedicated feeds on 3D printing for some of the biggest tech sites out there. Interested in news on new developments, new patents, or fancy new printing materials? Look no further!

3D Printing Information Sites

There are heaps of sites out there that focus on 3D printing technology on a daily basis. These are some of our favourites.

Also, you might be interested in these 3D printing meetups.

Social Media

A lot of the really cutting edge news and ideas about 3D printing are discussed on social media, mainly on Twitter. You don’t need an account to view the links, but getting one can help you keep track of everything.

Other 3D Printing information

3D Printer Purchasing Guides

There are a lot of guides out there which can help you pick the right 3D printer for your needs. Below are some of the ones that we’ve found useful in the past, but we recommend looking for other advice as well.

Online magazines and longer form

The Conversation – easy to understand articles, written by University academics

The Economist – has some great articles and special sections on 3D printing

Inside 3D Printing – news and updates from the world of 3D printing


Wikipedia – 3D Printing  -Seriously! Get lost in a ‘Wikipedia hole‘ that starts with their 3D printing page….